Equality is relative: Migrant rights demonstration, Madrid.

It ranks as high as class. Few issues have become as common to politics as migration. Whether it be the United States, the EU or Russia, we live in an era in which foreigners are as much a source of …

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You've been zucked. London Street art Shoreditch. Shot on film, Kodak Portra 800, Nikon FM2n

Dans son discours du Jeudi 17 Octobre 2019 devant les élèves de l’université de Georgetown, Mark Zuckerberg a décidé de reporter la responsabilité du fact-checking sur les utilisateurs pour éviter de devoir réguler lui-même le contenu publié sur sa plateforme Facebook.


We would like to thank Dave Sinardet (@DaveSinardet) for debating with the participants of Beers&Politics Brussels. As Dave Sinardet said: “If you think that you understand Belgian politics, it hasn’t been well explained to you”. It seems that Dave did …

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